Course Requirements

Athletic Training Curriculum Course Requirements

HLTH 210

Drug Education

HLTH 233

Responding to Emergencies

HLTH 300


HHPE 228

Principles of Conditioning

HHPE 363

Organization and Administration in Athletic Training

HHPE 364

Psychosocial Intervention and Referral in Athletic Training

HHPE 366

General Medical Conditions in Athletic Training

HHPE 374

Athletic Training Practicum I

HHPE 375

Athletic Training Practicum II

HHPE 376

Athletic Training Practicum III

HHPE 377

Athletic Training Practicum IV

HHPE 378

Athletic Training Practicum V

HHPE 379

Athletic Training Practicum VI

HHPE 384

Pharmacology in Athletic Training

HHPE 390

Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

HHPE 394


HHPE 401

Physical Exam of the Lower Extremity in Athletic Training

HHPE 402

Physical Exam of the Spine and Upper Extremities in Athletic Training

HHPE 413

Therapeutic Exercise

HHPE 414

Therapeutic Modalities

HHPE 430

Exercise Physiology

HHPE 490

Senior Seminar

BIOL 331, 332

Human Anatomy and Physiology

PSYC 240

Statistical Procedures

In addition, PSYC 150 General Psychology is required. This course may count for 3 hours of general education under Social Science.

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