Pre-Physical Therapy

Physical therapy includes evaluation of muscle function, joint flexibility, patterns of movement and endurance. Physical therapists work in a variety of settings including hospitals, nursing homes, private offices, rehabilitation centers, sports medicine clinics and research programs.

NOTE: George Fox University began their own Physical Therapy program in September 2012.

You can find additional information at the American Physical Therapy Association website.

In order to meet American Physical Therapy Association accreditation standards, all Physical therapy educational programs are required to lead to a doctorate degree (a few schools still have a master’s program). The master’s degree is being replaced with the doctorate. Therefore, students seeking admission to a Physical therapy educational program need to complete a bachelor’s degree in any field, plus include the following prerequisite coursework:

This information is provided for educational purposes. Check the programs you are interested in for current prerequisites.  

Biology                                                                                        Credit Hours

                        BIOL 211/212 General Biology                                                         4/4

                         BIOL 331/332 Human Anatomy and Physiology                              4/4


                        BIOL 333                    Advanced Physiology                                    4

                        BIOL 440                    Advanced Human Anatomy                           4

 Strongly recommended are advanced courses such as neuroscience (biology), genetics, cell biology, microbiology and advanced anatomy. Laboratory sessions are required.


                        CHEM 211/212           General Chemistry                                        4/4

 Advanced courses such as organic chemistry, physical chemistry and biochemistry are strongly recommended.


                        PHYS 201/202            General Physics                                            4/4

 Statistics - 3 hours – pick one of these

                        PSYC 340                   Statistical Procedures                                   3

                        SOCI 340                   Statistical Procedures                                    3

                        MATH 240                   Statistical Procedures                                   3


                        PSYC 150                  General Psychology                                       3

                        One additional course, i.e. Abnormal Psychology, Life-span Human Development

Social Science and Humanities, combined 12 semester credits (or equivalent)

English Composition – one course

Additional coursework should include classes in more than one discipline such as literature, communication, foreign language, philosophy, sociology, political science, economics, and fine arts.

GRE required for some programs