Clella Jaffe

Clella Jaffe

Chair, Department of Communication Arts
Professor of Communication Arts
Phone: 503-554-2616

Clella Jaffe is chair of the department of communication arts at George Fox University. Jaffe taught at Oregon State University and St. John's University (New York) before coming to George Fox University in 1995.

Her classes include introduction to communication, nonverbal communication, gender communication across cultures, argumentation and debate, and interpersonal communication.

Jaffe has many research interests. Her textbook, Public Speaking: Concepts and Skills for a Diverse Society, 5th ed. (Wadsworth), was first in the field to emphasize diversity. Her doctoral work examined intercultural communication among Russian Old Believers, Jehovah's Witness, and Latino students. Research on the medieval mother, Dhuoda, appears in In Their Own Voices: The Rhetorical Activities of Historical Women (Molly Wertheimer, ed., Southern Illinois University Press). Research on wives of Promise Keepers appeared in Standing on the Promises (Dane Classen, ed., Pilgrim Press). Her oral interpretation book, Performing Literary Texts: Concepts and Skills (Wadsworth), came out in 2006. She is currently researching and writing about the impact on the global Anglican Communion of the consecration of V. Gene Robinson as a bishop in the Episcopal Church.

Outside of the classroom, she maintains a flower garden, creates colored pencil drawings, plays the piano, travels, and enjoys her new river cabin.

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