Michael MacLeod

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Associate Professor of Politics and International Studies
Director of International Studies 

Box 6156

Michael MacLeod joined George Fox University in the fall of 2009. He received BA and MA degrees from Queen's University (Canada) and a PhD from George Washington University (Washington, DC). Prior to joining George Fox, he was the 2008-2009 Postdoctoral Fellow in Arts & Sciences at Bentley University in Boston.

MacLeod's academic specialization is international relations, with a focus on international political economy. His primary research interests include corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investment and the interaction amongst investors, corporations and social activists on issues such as climate change and genocide. He also researches the relationship between contemporary Christianity, modern capitalism and the global corporation.

His forthcoming (2015) book The Power of the Investor: Shareholder Activist Networks in the Global Political Economy will be published by Zed Books (Palgrave). His other recent publications include “Mobilizing SRI Through Investor Governance Networks: The Politics of Collective Investor Action” in C. Louche and T. Hebb (eds) Socially Responsible Investment in the 21st Century: Does It Make a Difference for Society (forthcoming, 2014); “Migrations of the Holy: God, State and the Political Meaning of the State,” Politics and Religion, 5:3, 2012; “Religion and the Rise of Global Corporate Social Responsibility,” Review of Faith and International Affairs, 9:3, Fall 2011: pp 29-36; “Financial Activism and Global Climate Change: The Rise of Investor-Driven Governance Networks,” Global Environmental Politics, 11:2, May 2011: pp 54-74.

Michael is currently treasurer of the national organization Christians in Political Science.

Michael will be teaching the following courses:

Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to International Relations 
Introduction to Comparative Government
International Conflict and Peace
International Studies Senior Seminar
American Foreign Policy
Environmental Politics and Policies
European Politics
Politics of the Developing World
Political Science Research & Writing

Selected Topics (such as International Organizations, Politics of the Developing World, etc)

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