At the crossroads of theological formation, service, and scholarship

Arthur Roberts

Arthur RobertsProfessor-at-Large

Phone: 503-554-7433

Ph.D. Boston University
M.Div. Nazarene Theological Seminary
B.A. George Fox University

Back to Square One: Turning Losses Into Spiritual Gain (Barclay Press, 1990)

Drawn by the Light: Autobiographical Reflections (Barclay Press, 1993)

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Exploring Heaven: What Great Christian Thinkers Tell Us About Our Afterlife with God (HarperOne, 2003)

Heavenly Fire and Other Poems by Arthur O. Roberts (Barclay Press, 2007)

Let The Spirit Soar (City of Yachats, 2000)

Look Closely At The Child: Christmas Poems (Barclay Press, 1997)

Messengers of God (with Robin Shephard; Barclay Press, 2006)

Move Over Elijah: Sermons in Poetry and Prose (Barclay Press, 1967)

Prayers At Twilight (Barclay Press, 2003)

Sunrise and Shadow: A Collection of Poems (Barclay Press, 1985)

The People Called Quakers (booklet, Barclay Press, 2006)

The Sacred Ordinary: Sermons and Addresses (Barclay Press, 2006)

The Wit and Wisdom of Jack Willcuts (Barclay Press, 2000)

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