Terry Steele, PhD

Terry Steele Visiting Professor of Sociology
Phone: 503-554-2755
Email: tsteele@georgefox.edu

I started teaching at George Fox in 1999 as an adjunct and full-time in 2013 and have enjoyed the opportunity to become a member of the George Fox community. I appreciate the school's focus on Jesus and the student body. George Fox continues to provide Christ-centered education that leads to practical application and spiritual growth for students.

I enjoy studying the interaction between culture and cross-cultural communication in real world settings. I am fascinated with the development of the Emerging Culture and Mission to the West. It is exciting to watch new anthropological and missiological theories being practiced in this new era of missions and a shrinking globe. I love the opportunity to teach others to understand people groups and practically communicate their expertise in order to foster cross-cultural relationships. I enjoy the chance to give students the tools needed to apply their education and gifts in cross-cultural settings. I believe knowledge should lead to action, communication should lead to relationships, and the gospel leads to transformation.

Academic Background

PhD, Intercultural Studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (2012)
Doctor of Missiology, Western Seminary (2001)
Master of Divinity, Western Seminary, (1995)
BA, Multnomah University (1991)

Expertise and Research Interests

My research interests include Culture Core and the development of the Emerging Culture. My specific area of research projects include the Missiology of the Emerging Church, Ethnographic research of Micro-cultures within Western Dominant Culture and Critical Contextualization. In addition to my doctoral research at Western Seminary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, I also have served as a Culture consultant for several CB churches in the Portland area. I believe that ethnographic research is a key component for Christian missions, church planting, and intercultural relationships.

My research for my dissertation, The Missiology of the Emerging Church in Portland, OR, strengthened my understanding of current mission trends, especially the shift to the global south and Mission to the West. My studies have afforded me the privilege to interact with current church and mission leaders from all over the world and have deepened my appreciation for non-western theory and approaches.

Select Research Bibliography

"Theology of Mission and the Emerging Church," Occasional Bulletin. vol. 24, no.1., 2008.

Presenter at EMS, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, April 2008.

Dissertation: The Missiology of the Emerging Church in Portland, Oregon.

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

SOCI/INTL 310 - Cultural Anthropology
COMM 220/420 - Intercultural Communication
COMM 100 - Introduction to Communication
GEED 490 - Liberal Arts and Critical Issues

Outside the Classroom

Director, Summer Institute For English Language Learning and United States Culture at George Fox University (2002-2003)
Interim International B.E.S.T. Coordinator, Delta Ministries (2001)
Cultural Training / speaker, World View Center (2014)
Hispanic Congregation (2012, 2013)

Ministry Experience

College Pastor, Montavilla Baptist Church (2004-2006)
College and Career Pastor, Montavilla Baptist Church (2001-2004)
Pastoral Intern and Teacher, Montavilla Baptist Church (1995-2004)
Youth Intern, Montavilla Baptist Church (1996-2000)
Music and Drama, Montavilla Baptist Church (1991-2004)

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