Sue Newell, LCSW

Sue Newell Assistant Professor of Social Work
Director of Field Education
Phone: 503-554-2743

I began teaching at George Fox in 1998 as an adjunct professor for social work field education while working as a child and family therapist in the public school setting. I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to engage with university students who were passionate about serving vulnerable individuals in our society. I remember that year asking the seniors, who were immersed in the challenge of agency-based field placements, to articulate their professional goals for that year. One wise and lovely student responded, "I want to grow more like Jesus." And here at George Fox, we can understand the depth and promise of that purpose in the unfolding of the academic journey.

The following year I was offered an opportunity to teach full time with the sociology and social work department teaching a variety of classes and directing field education. I've loved working with my dedicated colleagues to guide, encourage, and launch undergraduate social work students in their professional paths. I recently returned to George Fox from two years of practice in a mental health setting to develop the field education component of our new Master of Social Work Program and to work alongside our growing undergraduate BSW field program. I am very pleased to have this opportunity.

Academic and Professional Background

BA, Sociology, Westmont College
MSW, Portland State University

In my experience as a social worker I have served as a therapist, clinical supervisor and social work educator in settings that include public elementary school, residential treatment, community mental health and university, with individuals, families, couples and groups. My work has been grounded in hope and a desire to engage in activities that promote justice, fairness and reconciliation.

In addition to having lived abroad for 12 of my adult years, I have been privileged through George Fox University's Juniors Abroad and May Serve programs to have many opportunities to travel to South and Central America, Europe, Southeast Asia and South Africa as a social worker and social work instructor. In these settings, I was able to dialogue with service providers and recipients of service, learn about, and address issues of sex-trafficking, health care, orphan care and policy, HIV-AIDS, immigration, elder care, poverty, private and faith-based initiatives and government systems.

Closer to home within our greater Portland area, I have worked alongside more than 50 nonprofit and state agencies, schools, hospitals and clinics and have a great appreciation of the network of caring professions.

Teaching Responsibilities

I love teaching social work, but currently I am serving our social work program in an administrative capacity to oversee and develop the Field Education program. Over the years, I have taught:

SWRK 331, 332 - Human Behavior in the Social Environment I, II
SWRK 391 - Social Work Practice I with Individuals
SWRK 392 - Social Work Practice II with Groups and Families
SWRK 393 - Social Work Practice III with Communities and Organizations
SWRK 370 - Social Work Foundations
SWRK 475, 476, 477 - Field Practicum Seminars
SWRK 485 - Special Topic: Homelessness
SOCI 150 - Principles of Sociology

Outside the Classroom

Being in the midst of God’s creation, people, creatures, and nature, brings me joy; mountains, seas, forest, lakes and flowery meadows. As I grow older, the pace of my activities is slower. Walking, bike riding, watching children play, even bird watching! I love to create meals with natural and humane ingredients, enjoying the beautiful smell of herbs and the blending of colorful sauces. Favorite author/mentors and classical music nourish my soul. I am grateful for the love and laughter of family who hang in there with me through this life journey, for my husband Roger; my daughter and son-in-law, Marilee and Nate; and my daughter Melanie.

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