Eileen Celentano

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Assistant Professor for Visual Arts

Contact Information

Phone: 503-554-2863
Email: ecelentano@georgefox.edu

What do you do at Fox?

I teach fashion design and merchandising-related courses. I am involved in program and curriculum development. I supervise student internships, fashion-related activities and sponsor the new fashion club.

When did you start working at Fox?

I started working at Fox in August of 2009.


UCLA, Bachelors in Fine Arts: major: design

CSULB, Masters in Fine Arts: major: Costume Crafts and Textiles

Oregon State, Doctoral courses: major: apparel design with concentration in functional textiles

Experience: 30-plus years in apparel industry, design, development, branding and marketing

Own label: Moda Vita: comfort wear for women

Mission: to provide comfort wear for women who are recovering from breast cancer treatments

What is something you’d like to do in the future?

To be a national lecturer. To find the ideal textile for my comfort wear line. To live in Paris for a year. To live in Italy for a year.

What is something you’re grateful for, appreciate, encouraged by, or excited about?

I am grateful for my health, my amazing sons, my extended family, for the talents and opportunities with which I have been blessed. Every day is a beginning, an opportunity to do something useful, to contribute to our planet…to cherish life!

What kind of art do you do?

When I make art I paint with acrylics: my most recent work has to do with the universe: nebulae, cloud formations in space, etc. Maybe these could be called celestial scapes! In the past I have made many art pieces using fibers and textile processes.