Theatre Kick-off
Meet new students and say hello to old friends and professors. Eat great food and talk about the new upcoming season!

Theater Lock-in
Only for theatre majors, minors, and students involved with the fall show. Eat food, play games, and sleep on a hard floor with friends! Sounds great, right?! This year, it's November 16-17. See you there!

10! 10! 10!
Students concentrating in acting and directing take a class about directing with Rhett Luedtke. Their final is to pick a 10-minute play, hold auditions, pick a cast, work with designers, and then hold rehearsals for a few weeks. Be a part of this by auditioning in November!

The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival is held annually in February for colleges in a certain region. We are region 7, which is mostly northwest states, but includes Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. Learn from professionals, compete with scenes or designs, see amazing plays from other colleges in the region, and enjoy a week packed full of theatre. This year it's at American River College in Sacramento, CA. Can't wait!!

24.5 Hour Play Festival
Imagine doing a play in only 24 hours... This is it. A short play is written, cast, directed, clothed, lit, set dressed, and performed in 24 hours. All by students. See how great you can be!! March 15-16

End of the Year Events
Senior Showcase - The seniors get to show their hard work off for the last time on the Fox stage.
Theater Banquet - A celebration of making it through the year with food and friends. It's also a time to say goodbye to the seniors. If a new season has been decided on, it will be announced here!