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January 2011


The Roads we Travel

Ministry in Contemporary Culture

Kent Yinger

Carren Woods
Rick Bartlett 


The Roads we Travel
Chuck ConniryToday something struck me in reading Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount…something that never occurred to me before. It concerns the two roads that Jesus describes. “Enter through the narrow gate,” Jesus says. “For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only few find it” (Matt. 7:13, 14). More...



New Creation

Ministry in Contemporary Culture - February 9
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Faculty Highlight

Kent Yinger, Professor of New Testament studies continues his teaching and research in the area of Pauline Studies.  His book The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction has recently been released and can be found at Wipf and Stock. More...
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Alumni Highlights

Through Missional Church Learning Experience, Oregon congregation discovers new life by letting go
Carren Woods (Alumna)
More than 50 years ago the small group of believers who started our church acquired the entire city block where our building stands. At the time that wasn’t saying very much. The area was industrial, almost undeveloped, and the land wasn’t worth much. After clearing the land of the brambles and blackberry bushes, they built our sanctuary for worship and Christian education.  Two generations later, the church is still meeting and worshipping in the same building, now surrounded by a working class, inner city neighborhood. Dreams about the land have come and gone. Once in the ’60s there were dreams of expansion and a bigger sanctuary. We even still have the architect’s model somewhere on a shelf. That dream did not come to pass, and instead of growing we began shrinking. More...

Alumnus Publishes a Book on Teens In Contemporary Culture
'06 Dmin alumnus, Rick Bartlett, published a book called, Consuming Youth: Leading Teens Through Contemporary Culture. In this book, Bartlett explores the many shifts youth make in moving from a consumer driven story to a more compelling life of purpose--a life much different than the consumer culture surrounding them. Click here for more information. 


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