Let the Madness Begin!

Basketball has long had its associations with madness. Many high schools and colleges have “Midnight Madness” events to tipoff their seasons. And of course the goal for many big colleges is to participate in that annual spectacle known as “March Madness.” At George Fox, basketball has long been a part of our institutional culture. But we’ve never had our own “madness.” Until now!

When the decision to move Homecoming to the fall (October 6-9, 2011) was made by the Alumni Board last year, one of the biggest concerns was that alumni would lose their primary opportunity to attend George Fox basketball games. For many years, alumni attendance at the Homecoming games has been incredible, with hundreds of alumni, young and old, undergraduate and graduate, coming together to pack the bleachers in Miller Gymnasium to loudly cheer on the Bruins. That wasn’t something that the Alumni Board wanted to end. So then and there, the idea was hatched to create a second large-scale event specifically designed around basketball.

In two weeks, George Fox University’s first-ever Bruin Madness will take place (February 5) with alumni joining students, employees, parents, friends, and community members to support the Bruins on the Miller hardwood. We decided to call it Bruin Madness to capitalize on the spirit of our amazing fans and family. Each of us love our Bruins, because we are all Bruins! Whether you graduated fifty years ago or five; whether you attended grad classes at the Portland, Salem, Boise, or Redmond Centers; whether you actually finished your degree or attended for only a few years; you are a Bruin for life! It is that personal identity we find in this school and all that it stands for that makes each of us a fan. And it is for that reason that we created Bruin Madness!

I hope to see you at all of the Bruin Madness events and that you help us pack the gym in support of our young men and women representing all of us on the court!

Go Bruins!

Robby Larson
Bruin for Life &
Director of Alumni Relations