From the Alumni Board...

by Jaliene Hollabaugh

Greetings alumni! I am honored to serve along with Ben Salisbury and Norma Alley as representatives from the classes of 2000-2010. The community of George Fox continues to hold a special place in my life. The importance of all the individuals who influenced me during my college years has become clearer as the years have gone by. Dale Isaak was as much professor as mentor; Beth Molzahn was both my work-study supervisor and friend; Grandpa Roy helped to keep me from self-destructing from homesickness as a young freshman; my wonderful classmates taught me the importance and infinite value of friendship and community.

I admit that I internalized this lesson – the infinite value of friendship and community – after graduation. I did not realize the missed opportunities for fellowship when I thought I was too busy to share a special meal with my roommates, attend an extra chapel or two, or join a serve group. I understand, now, and hope to never overlook future opportunities for fellowship.  

We, as alumni, are lifetime members of the George Fox community! We can be involved in ways that are seen – as fans, career mentors, or participants in on-campus events, for example – or in ways that are unseen. We can all pray for the community of George Fox University. We can pray for the leaders to make wise governing decisions, for the students to grow in both their faith and desire to be servant leaders for Jesus, and for the faculty and staff who have found their vocation in teaching and serving. We can also pray that, as alumni, our lives are models of servant leadership and love.

I encourage you to find your own way to connect with Fox - whether it be in seen or unseen ways. We all have something valuable to give in fellowship with our community.