The Bruins Give Back Senior Challenge is a chance for all graduating seniors to make an impact on a George Fox department or program that has deeply impacted them and their experiences here.

At its core, the Bruins Give Back Senior Challenge asks each senior to reflect on what they are most passionate about at George Fox and then to make a gift of $20.11 (in honor of our class year), or any amount, to that area of the university. The goal of this program is for our class to make a resounding impact on the things that we care most about at George Fox. We want everyone in our class to participate. Not so that we can achieve some arbitrary goal, but so that we can make an impact! That's why we aren't asking for a large donation.

At George Fox we have received an outstanding education, developed meaningful relationships, and created memories that will last for the rest of our lives. Now it is our turn to impact those at George Fox that have deeply impacted us.

As part of the Bruins Give Back Senior Challenge, you have the option of making your gift in recognition of someone at George Fox that has impacted your experience in a significant manner. It could be a professor, administrator, staff member, or anyone else you’ve encountered at Fox. These individuals will be notified that you chose to recognize them by your participation in the Senior Challenge.

Still trying to decide whether to participate? Check out the "Why Give?" link below. Then you can impact an area of the university that you are passionate by clicking on the "Participate" link below.

Please join us as Bruins Give Back!


The 2011 Senior Challenge Committee
Les Comfort, Keely Corder, Aubrey Ferguson, Adam Hunt, Kelsi Kimura, Allyson Land, Sam Navarre, Lydia Shepard, Kate Shepherdson, Annie Smith, Nathan Widdicombe, Vanessa Wilkins, and Gina Ann Wombacher


Bruins Give Back Senior Challenge
 George Fox University
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