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December 2010

From the Dean
By Linda Samek, Dean of the School of Education

Linda Samek Fall is definitely in the air and on the ground, and winter is upon us. Autumn is my favorite season in Oregon with its unpredictability, beautiful colors and constant change. Seems much like life! In my last letter I promised to tell you about some of the traveling that has been occurring in the School of Education. We are busy people, and I won’t be able to do justice to all the wonderful things that are happening, but here are a few. More...

EDFL Welcomes Two New Faculty Members
Steve Song has joined our department to teach research methods and offer course work in international education and comparative education. Raised in a Korean family in the Chicago area, Steve studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (BA in literature and MA in ESL) and Harvard (MA and EDD in education).  Since finishing at Harvard in 2008, he has been very involved at Amerasian Christian Academy, where he has taught and helped in administration. More...

Individual & Family Matters
Ellen R. Minshew

Individual & Family Matters (IFM) is a counseling service of the Graduate Department of Counseling at George Fox University’s Portland Center. The sliding scale clinic was established for the 2007-08 year and is now in its fourth year of service. IFM is staffed exclusively with marriage and family therapy and professional counseling interns. These advanced graduate student interns also assist in the administrative details of the clinic. IFM staff has grown from two to four interns. In the first year of operation, the clinic interns met with clients for a total of 173 hours, 54 individuals and 119 family/couples. The clinic has grown considerably in the past three years. More...

New EDFL Degree Program
The Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership (EDFL) is launching a new degree program, the Specialist in Education (EdS) degree. This program will create opportunities for educators to enroll in a comprehensive program of post-masters professional development courses consisting of a 14-hour core curriculum and an added 18-hour specialty strand for the purpose of earning Oregon licensure or endorsements, while qualifying for financial aid. More...

Kenya Project
Kenya has been a focal point for a collaborative educational opportunity since the fall of 2008. The School of Education responded to a request from John Muhanji, the director of Friends Ministries in Africa, to assist with writing a curriculum for peace and conflict resolution for ninth-grade students in Quaker high schools. This request was prompted by the 2007 post-election violence in Kenya, which disrupted the country and displaced many people from their homes and communities. More...

Beyond the 50-minute Hour
Rand Michael

Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Kenya … China, Mongolia, Taiwan … Jordan, Lebanon, Israel … Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Hungary … Russia, Ukraine … Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela … These are a few of the places where Rand Michael and his teams have worked over the years, bringing emotional-relational-spiritual healing and the equipping of local peoples and “ex-patriots” to do the same. More...

Two Voice Poem
Michael Favale & Kun “Leo” Qian

I am a citizen.

            I am a citizen.

I am from the United States.

            I am from China.

I am loyal to the ideals of our Constitution.

            I am loyal to the leader of the party.

I believe in every individual’s right to life, liberty, and happiness.

            I believe in harmony and community.

I am grateful to my parents for what they have given me.

            It is my duty to take care of my parents.

I believe that everyone deserves a good education.

            I believe education is the only way to succeed.

I am an American.

            I am a Chinese.


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