Beyond the 50-minute Hour:

Providing Clinical Services in International Settings

by Rand Michael

Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Kenya … China, Mongolia, Taiwan … Jordan, Lebanon, Israel … Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Hungary … Russia, Ukraine … Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela … These are a few of the places where Rand Michael and his teams have worked over the years, bringing emotional-relational-spiritual healing and the equipping of local peoples and “ex-patriots” to do the same.

Rand is associate professor and program director of marriage and family therapy in the Graduate Department of Counseling at George Fox University. In addition, he is co-founder and president of TELOS international, inc. which “… provides culturally sensitive, holistic mental health services dedicated to encouraging, empowering, and equipping underserved people and communities by offering training, counseling, and related mental health resources” (

TELOS international, inc. focuses on mental health and relational well-being from a Christian perspective. Recognizing the wholeness of truth, TELOS seeks to wed the best training in mental health with a faithful Christian worldview.

Rand’s philosophy is (1) to utilize teams of Christian mental health professionals; (2) to partner with people and organizations in various world locations; and (3) to “train the trainer.” This approach has yielded fruitful and long-term outcomes such as dozens of “listening centers” in Central Africa as well as a growing cadre of marriage and family therapists in China. Some of those trained are now equipping other locals. The results thus far: several thousand individuals, couples and families have been recipients of both counseling and prevention services.

Among Rand’s team members are fellow George Fox faculty members as well as alumni of the Graduate Department of Counseling.

For his work, Rand has been honored by the Oregon Counseling Association with its Human Rights Award and by his undergraduate alma mater with its Professional Achievement Award.

Rand is offering electives to equip future mental health professionals to function in global settings. During spring semester of 2011, Rand is teaching a one-hour elective entitled “Providing Clinical Services in International Settings: Foundational Concerns.” He is also anticipating a follow-up elective that will provide an international field experience for students.