Counceling Clinics

The Individual & Family Matters clinic, now in its fifth year of operation, continues to offer the highest quality therapeutic services to families, couples, individuals and groups. It is also serving as a unique training ground for the personal and professional development of counseling interns in marriage, couple and family and clinical mental health.

Since 2007, 16 interns have received at least half of their training at IFM. This year, IFM offered four interns a full-time placement in the clinic. Over the years, interns have worked with a variety of clients diverse in their presenting problems, ages, marital status, ethnic and racial origins and ability to pay. IFM offers a sliding scale based on client self-reported income.

This year IFM interns are involved in a new opportunity. All four interns are working with Tualatin Elementary School to develop several small groups for fourth- and fifth-graders recommended by their teachers to work on basic life skills, relationships, responsibility taking, behavior clues and empathy. There will be a total of four groups divided according to grade and gender. The groups began in November of 2011 will continue through the spring semester.

Our intent at IFM is to assist clients as they struggle, process, reflect, challenge and move forward to a new way of thinking and living.

The clinic is a nonprofit educational and counseling facility of the Graduate Department of Counseling at George Fox.