Kathy Heininge

by Jeffrey Bilbro

Kathy Heininge is one of the newest members of the George Fox University Writing and Literature department. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California at Davis. Her main interests are Irish drama, British modernism, and Stephen King.

Kathy's main concern when looking at student papers is their lack of precision. She wants students to think carefully about what they have to say and then say it accurately. All of Kathy's students receive her grading rubric with their paper assignments. Each of the five categories on the rubric (ideas, organization, support, style, and mechanics) receive the same weight when she is grading a paper, so students need to pay attention to each section. Sometimes Kathy will put more focus on a particular aspect of an assignment, but this will always be made clear in class. Kathy receives a lot of papers with poor sentence structure or unclear pronouns. She wants to get papers that are well supported and articulate the student's thoughts clearly and precisely. Her request to students? "Don't be vague!"

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