Elementary Education (ELED) Courses

Elementary Education

ELED 313 Elementary Mathematics Methods
2 hours. Examine and openly challenge knowledge, beliefs, and assumptions about the learning and teaching process. Engage in activities designed to enhance conceptual knowledge of selected topics. Explore what it means to teach mathematics in a standards-based system (i.e., using standards to plan instruction, using scoring guides to assess student work, critically examining curricula).
Prerequisites: MATH 211 & 212 Foundations of Elementary Mathematics I & II (8 semester hours or equivalent).

ELED 334 Health and Physical Education Methods
3 hours. This course examines and offers opportunities to apply health and physical education methods.

ELED 341 Learning Theory
2 hours. A survey of learning theories and possible applications in the elementary classroom are explored.
Corequisite or prerequisite: PSYC 310 Lifespan Human Development or PSYC 311 Child Development.

ELED 342 Inclusion
2 hours. A survey of current knowledge about the diverse abilities of learners in the regular classroom, with an emphasis on methods for including students and assisting their learning processes. Attention given to needs of bicultural students with disabilities.

ELED 370 Curriculum and Instruction
3 hours. Generic methods of teaching, planning curriculum, and both formal and informal assessment of pupil learning as used in teaching. Needs of students from generational poverty are examined.

ELED 373 Fine Arts Methods
2 hours. Using the basic principles and elements of music and art, students will explore making connections between subjects in the elementary curriculum.

ELED 375 Student Teaching I and Classroom Management
2 hours. A laboratory experience consisting of general and specific tasks, managing and instructing pupils and assisting teaching in the classroom. Patterns of classroom management and organized community building will be discussed including responding to needs of the bicultural child. An additional one hour is required for students intending to add the middle-level authorization and is in addition to the two-hour requirement. Please see advisor.

ELED 380 Social Studies Methods
2 hours. Research-based methods for teaching social studies. Issues of cultural proficiency addressed.

ELED 383 Science Methods
2 hours. Students will study, experience, and practice research-based science pedagogy appropriate to grades K-8 in a self-contained school setting. Activities include writing and research on science education, demonstration of science teaching practice, and supervised teaching experience. Students will develop, critique, and implement science curriculum.

ELED 401 Language Arts and Children's Literature
4 hours. Survey of children's literature genre and uses. Methods and materials of language arts teaching in the areas of listening and speaking, and of spelling and handwriting instruction.

ELED 402 Literacy Methods
4 hours. Methods and materials for language arts teaching in the areas of reading and writing, with an emphasis on the use of children's literature.

ELED 423 Christian Faith and Thought
3 hours. The class focuses on how faith influences one's worldview, the influence of Christianity upon society, and how the Christian faith relates to helping people.

ELED/EDUC 470 Applied English Linguistics: Oral and Literary
3 hours. Examines the fundamental elements, processes, and patterns of oral and written language for the teacher of English to speakers of other languages. Topics include phonetics, phonology, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, morphology, orthography and writing conventions, syntax, semantics, and discourse analysis. English is the primary focus of the course, with reference to other languages commonly spoken by students in Oregon classrooms.

ELED/EDUC 471 Second Language Acquisition and Development
2 hours. Examines various factors, concepts, and theories about first and second language acquisition processes and their interrelationships. The course also focuses on the application of this knowledge in ESOL classes for maximizing ESOL students' language development and academic achievement.

ELED/EDUC 473 Planning and Managing the ESOL/Bilingual Curriculum
3 hours. Examines strategies for planning, managing, and teaching English as a second language and discipline-focused content to ESOL students. Emphasis is placed on curriculum, teaching, and learning approaches that accommodate a diverse population within the classroom. This course also focuses on strategies for collaborating with educators and community members in order to provide comprehensive, challenging educational opportunities for ESOL students.

ELED/EDUC 474 Assessing ESOL/Bilingual Student Learning and Language Proficiency
3 hours. Examines principles, issues, and approaches useful for assessing the English competencies of ESOL students. Emphases are placed on developing appropriate assessment tools for the ESOL classroom and on properly interpreting tests that are used for program placement.

ELED 475 Student Teaching II
6-9 hours. A full-time laboratory experience in which principles and methods of teaching are applied under supervision of a classroom teacher and college supervisor. Pass/No Pass.

ELED 490 Professional Seminar
1 hour. Seminar discussion on current trends and issues in education to enhance the classroom teaching experience and address job transition issues.

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