Bachelors (BS) in Elementary Education

Elementary Education (BS)

The elementary education major offers a 57-semester-hour course of study that is designed for the preparation of elementary school teachers with authorizations at the early childhood (age 3 years to grade 4) and elementary (grades 3-8) levels. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major.

Elementary education admissions requirements, policies, and procedures are listed in the Degree Completion Teacher Education Major section. General education requirements for the elementary education degree-completion program can be found here.

Major Requirements

Pre-Cohort Classes
EDUC 240 Perspectives in Education 2
EDUC 321 Early Childhood Education 3
MATH 211 Foundations of Elementary Mathematics I 4
MATH 212 Foundations of Elementary Mathematics II 4
PSYC 311 Child Development 3
Cohort Classes
ELED 313 Elementary Mathematics Methods 2
ELED 322 Early Childhood Methods 3
ELED 334 Health and Physical Education Methods 3
ELED 341 Learning Theory 2
ELED 342 Inclusion 2
ELED 370 Curriculum and Instruction 3
ELED 373 Fine Arts Methods 2
ELED 375 Student Teaching I and Classroom Management 2
ELED 380 Social Studies Methods 2
ELED 383 Science Methods 2
ELED 401 Language Arts and Children's Literature 4
ELED 402 Literacy Methods 4
ELED 423 Christian Faith and Thought 3
ELED 475 Classroom Teaching 6-9
ELED 490 Professional Seminar 1

Admission to Student Teaching

Acceptance into the teacher education program does not guarantee assignment for student teaching.

Application for admission to full-time student teaching is made by filling out required forms during the semester preceding the semester for which the assignment is requested. Admission to student teaching is based upon continued good standing; favorable recommendations; an attained cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better on all college-level courses, including transfer credits, and an average GPA of 2.75 or better in the teaching major; completion of the required teaching major and professional courses with no grade below C-; passing scores on appropriate basic skills and having taken content area examinations; successful completion of the student teaching interview; and a minimum of 15 semester hours completed in residence prior to student teaching.

Optional: ESOL Endorsement (11 hours)

Students may add the ESOL endorsement to the elementary/early childhood authorization if they meet the testing/course work requirements in a content area and take the required courses.

ELED/EDUC 470 Applied English Linguistics

ELED/EDUC 471 Second Language Acquisition 2
ELED/EDUC 473 Planning and Managing the ESOL/Bilingual Curriculum 3
ELED/EDUC 474 Assessing ESOL/Bilingual Student Learning and Language Proficiency 3

Optional: Online Teaching Endorsement (12 hours)

Idaho students only.  Students may add the Online Teaching endorsement to the elementary/early childhood authorization if they meet the testing/course work requirements in a content area and take the required courses.

ELED/EDUC 480 Trends and Issues: Online Education

ELED/EDUC 481 Tools for Success in Online Teaching 3
ELED/EDUC 482 Teaching Online in the K-12 Environment 3
ELED/EDUC 483 Web 2.0 Tools for Education 3

Additional authorizations and endorsements are available through the graduate Educational Foundations and Leadership Degree Program page.

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