College of Behavioral and Health Sciences Course Descriptions

(Courses are listed alphabetically by prefix.)

Course Prefix Subject
PDPT (500-782) Physical Therapy
PSYD (501-510) Scientific Foundations
PSYD (511-513) Psychological Research
PSYD (517-518) Ethics and Professional
PSYD (521-526) Assessment
PSYD (530-539) Practicum
PSYD (541-545) Special Populations
PSYD (551-556) Individual Psychotherapies
PSYD (561-563) Child, Family, and Group Psychotherapies
PSYD (571-579, 616-620) Integration
PSYD (581-587) Physiological and Health Psychology
PSYD (591-597) Clinical Subspecialities
PSYD (801-803, 655) Dissertation
PSYD (609, 610-615) Internship
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