The preparation of women and men for ministry requires us to engage the entire person - cognitive and affective, personal and professional. This means that GPAs do not tell the whole story about a student's preparedness for a program at seminary, nor do they tell the whole story about their preparedness for work in their chosen area of ministry when they leave seminary. Helping students to understand their temperament and relational skills may be as crucial to their success in ministry as helping them master a body of knowledge. Because of this, assessment of students must address more than just the cognitive aspects of their development.

The seminary conducts two assessments for students. The first is carried out after one semester of study and assesses the student's potential for success in seminary study. The second is candidacy, which is conducted at the midpoint of their study. At this assessment, the faculty members are better able to address the nature of the student's calling, gifts, and abilities.

During these times of assessment, several possible outcomes may be determined. A detailed description of these outcomes is found in the Student Assessment Plan. These times of assessment provide opportunity to affirm the gifts of students and to guide them in a direction that will maximize their time of study according to their gifting and their calling.

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