Transfer Credit Policies

Students who have completed work at other educational institutions may be entitled to transfer credit by presenting official transcripts. George Fox University applies the accepted credits toward the general education requirements, electives, and the student's chosen major. Certain criteria are involved in the evaluation:

  1. Only course work with a C- or better grade will be accepted. (The GPA does not transfer. A student's GPA is computed on work at George Fox University only.)
  2. A maximum of 64 semester hours may be transferred from community colleges.
  3. The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree (AAOT), Associate of Science Oregon Transfer Degree - Business (ASOTB), Direct Transfer Agreement - Associates Degree (DTA) from Washington, or any Associate of Arts degree from California that includes either the IGETC certificate or the CSU General Education - Breadth requirements will satisfy all general education requirements except Bible and religion.  (A transfer degree may not necessarily meet school, department, or major requirements with regard to courses or GPA.)
  4. A maximum of 40 semester hours of Bible and Christian ministries may be applied on a degree in a major other than Bible and Christian ministries.
  5. A maximum of 15 semester hours of approved correspondence work may be applied toward a degree program.

Transfer credit will be evaluated and assigned a George Fox University course number based on the closest match between the originating course and the George Fox University course descriptions.

Courses that are not equivalent will be assigned to the closest matching four-letter department code and assigned a 285 (lower division) or 485 (upper division) number. HHPA courses will be assigned a 185 (lower division) or 385 (upper division) number.

When the closest match for an originating lower-division course is a George Fox University upper-division course, the number 285 will be assigned and the student may receive a waiver for the upper-division course if required. When the closest match for an originating upper-division course is a George Fox University lower-division course, the student may elect to have a 485 number assigned (to count toward the upper-division course requirement) and receive a waiver for the lower-division course.

Any evaluation of transfer credit is to be considered tentative until the student has completed 12 hours in good standing.

Each student must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours in residence for the bachelor's degree. Twenty hours must be in the senior year. Additionally, transfer students must complete at least 60 hours at George Fox University to be eligible for honors at graduation.

Any veteran receiving GI Bill benefits while attending George Fox University is required to obtain transcripts from all previously attended schools and submit them to the VA School Official for reveiw of prior credit.

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