Bachelors (BS) in Family and Consumer Sciences

Major Requirements

Students may choose among two concentrations in family and consumer sciences. Descriptions and course requirements follow.

Fashion Merchandising/Interior Design Concentration (44-45 hours)

The fields of fashion merchandising and interior design share a common base of knowledge grounded in the academic fields of family and consumer sciences and business. A background in apparel construction and design, merchandising of fashion, and market analysis prepares students for careers in fashion merchandising.

Residential architecture, kitchen and bath planning, and a variety of interior design classes prepare students for positions as interior designers. Career opportunities include visual merchandising, buying, entrepreneurship, apparel design, textile design, fashion analysis, interior design, housing and home planning, kitchen and bath design, equipment specialist, energy conservation management in the home, home furnishings, and business management and administration. A field experience (internship) in the Portland metropolitan area helps to provide valuable workplace experience for students before graduation.

BUSN 110 Introduction to Business (3)
FCSC 120 Apparel Construction (3)
FCSC 220 Fashion and Society (2)
FCSC 230 Textiles Science (3)
FCSC 320 Fashion Merchandising (3)
FCSC 330 Residential Architecture (2)
FCSC 350 Resource Management (2)
FCSC 351 Interior Design I (3)
FCSC 354 Kitchen and Bath Planning (3)
FCSC 360 Consumer Buying (3)
FCSC 370 Pattern Drafting and Apparel Design (3)
FCSC 475 Field Experience (3)
FCSC 490 Senior Seminar (3)

Students must choose one of the following courses:
MGMT 260 Principles of Management (3)
MKTG 260 Principles of Marketing (3)

Students must choose 2 of the following courses:
FCSC 352 Interior Design II (2)
FCSC 353 Interior CAD (3)
FCSC 378 Apparel CAD (3)
FCSC 460 Apparel Market Analysis (3)

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