Bachelors (BS) in Computer Science

The computer science major offers a 54-semester-hour course of study. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major.

Degree Outcomes

Graduates with a BS in computer science will:

  • Demonstrate problem-solving competency through programming and software development
  • Understand applications of discrete structures and algorithms
  • Apply theoretical and practical system implementations (architecture, operating systems, networking, database)
  • Apply professional/ethical responsibility to their work
  • Understand cultural influences within the technical industry

Special General Education Requirements

The mathematics courses listed below also fulfill the 3-hour mathematics requirement for general education. A minimum grade of C- must be obtained in all mathematics courses for graduation.

Major Requirements

Computer Science Core

CSIS 201 Introduction to Computer Science I (3)
CSIS 202 Introduction to Computer Science II (3)
CSIS 310 Data Structures and File Processing (3)
CSIS 360 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language (3)
CSIS 381 Servant Engineering I (2)
CSIS 382 Servant Engineering II (2)
CSIS 420 Structures of Programming Languages (3)
CSIS 430 Analysis of Algorithms (3)
CSIS 460 Operating Systems (3)
CSIS 481 Senior Design I (1)
CSIS 482 Senior Design II (3)
MATH 201 Calculus I (4)
MATH 260 Discrete Mathematics (3)

Students must choose 18 semester hours from the following:
CSIS 300 Numerical Methods (3)
CSIS 314 Client-Server Systems (3)
CSIS 321 Software Engineering (3)
CSIS 330 Computer Graphics (3)
CSIS 340 Database Systems (3)
CSIS 350 Data Communications and Networks (3)
CSIS 370 Object-Oriented Programming (3)
CSIS 434 Parallel Computing (3)
CSIS 440 Artificial Intelligence (AI) (3)
CSIS 450 Network Administration (3)
CSIS 480 Principles of Compiler Design (3)
ENGE 220 Digital Logic Design (4)

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