Bachelors (BS) in Computer Science

The computer science major offers a 54-semester-hour course of study. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major.

Degree Outcomes

Graduates with a BS in computer science will:

  • Demonstrate problem-solving competency through programming and software development
  • Understand applications of discrete structures and algorithms
  • Apply theoretical and practical system implementations (architecture, operating systems, networking, database)
  • Apply professional/ethical responsibility to their work
  • Understand cultural influences within the technical industry

Special General Education Requirements

The mathematics courses listed below also fulfill the 3-hour mathematics requirement for general education. A minimum grade of C- must be obtained in all mathematics courses for graduation.

Major Requirements

Computer Science Core

CSIS 201 Introduction to Computer Science I (3)
CSIS 202 Introduction to Computer Science II (3)
CSIS 310 Data Structures and File Processing (3)
CSIS 360 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language (3)
CSIS 381 Servant Engineering I (2)
CSIS 382 Servant Engineering II (2)
CSIS 420 Structures of Programming Languages (3)
CSIS 430 Analysis of Algorithms (3)
CSIS 460 Operating Systems (3)
CSIS 481 Senior Design I (1)
CSIS 482 Senior Design II (3)
MATH 201 Calculus I (4)
MATH 260 Discrete Mathematics (3)

Students must choose 18 semester hours from the following:
CSIS 220 Digital Logic Design (4)
CSIS 300 Numerical Methods (3)
CSIS 314 Client-Server Systems (3)
CSIS 321 Software Engineering (3)
CSIS 330 Computer Graphics (3)
CSIS 340 Database Systems (3)
CSIS 350 Data Communications and Networks (3)
CSIS 370 Object-Oriented Programming (3)
CSIS 434 Parallel Computing (3)
CSIS 440 Artificial Intelligence (AI) (3)
CSIS 450 Network Administration (3)
CSIS 480 Principles of Compiler Design (3)

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