Bachelors (BA) in Christian Ministries

The Christian ministries major offers a 46-semester-hour course of study designed to prepare students to enter Christian service in local churches and parachurch organizations, providing biblical and theological preparation and an excellent base for graduate studies in a wide variety of ministry fields. Typical careers are positions as pastors, missionaries, youth pastors and Christian education directors. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major. A minimum of 18 semester hours must be from upper-division courses. A limit of 4 semester hours of field experience may apply to the major.

Degree Outcomes

Graduates with a BA in Christian ministries will:

  • Demonstrate a seminary-ready competency in church history and basic doctrines of orthodox Christianity
  • Demonstrate basic hermeneutical skills for study and teaching of the Bible
  • Articulate their faith and theological convictions effectively in writing and speaking
  • Apply biblical and doctrinal understanding of ministry concepts in internships and field experience

Major Requirements

Required Core Courses (30 hours)
BIBL 290 Biblical Interpretation 3
CHMN 130 Christian Discipling 3
CHMN 341 World Christianity: Theology and Practice 3
CHMN 360 Perspectives in Christian Education 3
CHMN 390 Theological Foundations of Christian Ministry 3
CHMN 420 Speaking as Ministry 3
CHMN 441 Contemporary Issues of the Church 3
RELI 350 Spiritual Formation 3
RELI 380 Christian Beliefs 3
RELI 440 World Religions 3

Concentrations (16 hours)

Theology and Vocation (16 credits)
CHMN 391 Theological Praxis I: Foundations of Self 3
CHMN 392 Theological Praxis II: Christian Community 3
CHMN 491 Theological Praxis III: Study of Theology 3
CHMN 492 Theological Praxis IV: Critical Issues 3
CHMN 475 Field Experience 4
Cross-Cultural Ministry (16 credits)
CHMN 475 Field Experience 4
COMM 420 Intercultural Communication 3
RELI 330 Introduction to the World Christian Movement 3
RELI 360 Cross-Cultural Christian Outreach 3
RELI 460 Issues in Contemporary Missions 3
Youth Ministry (16 credits)
CHMN 240 Youth Ministry: Youth Culture 2
CHMN 241 Youth Ministry: Methods and Practice 2
CHMN 330 Youth Ministry: Theology and Philosophy of Ministry 2
CHMN 381 Counseling 3
CHMN 475 Field Experience 4
HHPE 380 Experiential Learning 3