If you are invited to compete at Scholarship Competition, you will need to submit a resume and a cover letter via email to the Undergraduate Teacher Education Department c/o Christee Wise at cwise@georgefox.edu no later than midnight on January 23, 2015 for candidates attending competition on Jan. 30-31. The deadline for written materials for candidates attending competition on Feb. 6-7 is midnight on January 30, 2015. NOTE: Written materials must be received by the George Fox UGTE Department no less than one week prior to competition.

Your resume needs to include your educational background; leadership, volunteer, extracurricular activities; your work or volunteer experiences; and any additional skills, club memberships, or experiences working with children. The cover letter must clearly state why you are interested in Elementary Education and in what specific ways you hope to impact your community or the world through teaching. You are invited to include 1-2 letters of recommendation from former teachers, supervisors, coaches or youth leaders.

The on-campus scholarship competition for the Elementary Education award will be a group interview involving activities that will allow you to demonstrate your skills in interpersonal communication, critical thinking, listening and observation, problem-solving and group engagement. The George Fox University School of Education is committed to the development of educators who “think critically, transform practice, and promote justice”. The scholarship committee seeks individuals who demonstrate potential in these areas. Following the group interview (introduction, discussion, and two group tasks), you will be asked to write a short essay of reflection on the collaborative process you just completed and participate in a brief individual interview with evaluators.