The English competition will consist of two parts:

Part I If you are invited to compete at Scholarship Competition, you will need to submit work representing your best writing, not to exceed 6-8 pages. You may submit 3-5 poems, a short story, a few pages of a novel, a research essay or literary analysis, or a published clip from a newspaper or magazine. The work should reflect your authorial achievements, styles and your approaches to the written craft. Along with the written work, you should submit a one-page cover letter, describing your writing experiences, interests, and aspirations. Bring this portfolio with you to the on-campus competition period.

Part II
 During the on-campus competition period, applicants will write a one-hour essay exam, requiring that applicants analyze a short literary work; the work will be provided for analysis during the exam. Pens and paper will also be provided for composing the essay exam.

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Gary Tandy,