Matt McKenzie

Matt McKenzieTaking Care of Business

For Matt McKenzie, giving back is nothing more than business as usual

When Matt McKenzie graduated from George Fox in 2002 with a degree in Christian ministries, his plan was to become a youth pastor. But he soon found that the business world offered an even greater opportunity to impact the lives of others.

“Working here instead of a church was an easy transition,” says McKenzie, who became president of CUI, Inc. when his father sold the family business to a company that took it public. “I didn’t stop being a pastor. And if you can lead a room full of junior high students, you can do anything. You can manage anyone after that.”

A graduate of the George Fox MBA program in 2007, McKenzie has applied many of the lessons he learned in college to his new post at the helm of a $40 million a year technology company – and not all of them came in the classroom. For example, he reached back to his George Fox days and created a yearly Serve Day in which all 60 CUI employees participate – a practice that was later adopted by the company’s biggest customer, DigiKey.

CUI also generously donates to local charities, and has sponsored an Act Six scholarship student at George Fox every year since 2007. “Every Christian should tithe and give as much as possible,” he says. “The business is no different.”