Tom Davis

Tom DavisOffering Hope

Tom Davis found a unique way to support orphanages around the globe

Tom Davis is not your typical graduate student. The CEO of Children’s HopeChest, he pairs orphanages in impoverished parts of the world with Christian communities in the United States that can provide the children and staff with much-needed support. 

But in reality, Davis is exactly the type of student for which the Doctor of Ministry program at George Fox Evangelical Seminary was designed. Made possible by an M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust Foundation grant and ongoing support from the university, the program allows those already established in the ministry to study from a distance and meet face-to-face at four yearly retreats. 

The end result is seminary students who can refresh their faith and knowledge through advanced training while continuing to impact the world around them. And that, says Davis, is precisely what the Bible calls us to do.

“Look at Scripture and see that caring for the widow and the orphan is a measure of the reality where we live out our faith,” he says. “If they’re forgotten, God is forgotten, and if they’re remembered, God is too.”