Resources for Professional Advisors

George Fox University owes a great deal to the attorneys, financial and investment advisors whose clients have become important contributors. We are most pleased, accordingly, to offer planning resources to advisors that may be of assistance to them as they work with clients desiring to benefit worthwhile organizations.

Charitable Giving Tax Service Online
Charitable Giving Tax Service for 30 years has been the gold standard for advisers and gift planners seeking a comprehensive reference guide to charitable giving. This 1,200-page, 12-chapter resource is thoroughly accessible through a detailed table of contents and keyword search and retrieval. "CGTS-Online" covers every aspect of lifetime contributions, charitable bequests, charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities, pooled income funds, charitable lead trusts and much more. All the important IRS forms and specimen gift documents are at your fingertips, as well, and the bi-monthly Analysis and Comment newsletter covers new developments, cases and rulings in gift planning. CGTS-Online is written and continuously updated by staff attorneys of the R&R Newkirk Company. To register for this extremely useful tool, just click on CGTS-Online.

Gift Planning Tips
Discusses new cases, rulings and legislation pertinent to estate and financial planning and reports new developments in charitable giving techniques. Sign up to have the monthly tips emailed directly to you.

Gift Planning Advisors Grid
Condenses (almost) everything worth knowing about charitable gift planning into a comprehensive grid that sets out the essentials of outright and deferred charitable gifts.

Planned Giving at George Fox
Online information about the planned giving program and gift options available through George Fox University. Explanations, examples, and content designed to enable prospective donors to make informed decisions. Planned gifts can be a key part of a person's estate and financial planning strategy.

Securities Transfers
Contributions of appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities may be very advantageous for your clients. Your clients receive a double benefit with a gift of stock. First, they receive an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the asset. Second, they avoid the capital gains tax on the property's appreciation.

Partnering with Financial Advisors
George Fox University values your relationship with your clients. Managing assets and investments is your business - and you have done well for your clients. Your role in managing assets can continue, even when assets have been contributed to George Fox in a planned gift vehicle. Discover how becoming a partner with George Fox is beneficial for you.

George Fox University Gift Acceptance Policies
Charitable gifts can involve unique assets and complex gift scenarios. George Fox's Gift Acceptance Policies describe the types of assets that are acceptable as charitable gifts and the gift vehicles offered by George Fox University . These are general guidelines. For specific questions or out-of-the ordinary gift scenarios, contact Dave Adrian, director of planned giving, at or 503-554-2113.

Applicable Federal Rates
Each month the IRS provides various prescribed rates for federal income tax purposes and calculation of charitable gifts. These rates, known as Applicable Federal Rates, or AFRs (also called §7520 rates), are published monthly by the IRS. Learn the benefits of electing a higher or lower rate for charitable gifts.

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