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Our Founding Members

Groundbreaking Members: Building the Stadium

Ken and Joan Austin
Brad and Katharine Stoffer
Marilyn and John Duke
Pacific Fibre Products, Inc.
Dave and Pat Adrian
Hal and Audrey Adrian
Brian Aitken
Rich and Flora Allen
Andersen Construction Company
David and Sarah Anderson
Patricia and John Anderson
Pete and Joan Anderson
Robert B. and Mary R. Andrews
Curt and Kris Ankeny
Brandon Baker
Robin and Ruth Baker
Elenita Bales
Oliver and Eleanor Ballard
Jerry and Tammy Barnick
Sandra and Gene Baxter
Barbara Beil
Gerald and Sarah Bieze
Tyler and Brittany Bowers
Dave and Melva Brandt
Emily and Evan Brent-Fulps
Edwin and Susan Brown
Gene and Michele Christian
Jacob and Dawn Coleman
Dino and Cindy Coolen
Dea and Lois Cox
Paul and Molly Cozens
Gordon and Cleta Crisman
Jerry and Carol Crow
Dr. Byron Debban *
Mike and Mary Delk
Brett and Margo DeYoung
Harley and Cheryl Dixon
Trey and Stephanie Doty
Kevin and Kimberly Dougherty
Curtis and Margaret Drahn
Ryan and Molly Durrett
Dick and Patricia Evans
Kirsten Fertig
Ruth Field
Merced Flores and Celia Nunez
Keith and Jan Galitz
Dave and Pat Gault *
Grant and Marel Gerke
Lawrence Gibson *
Greg and Michele Goodwin
Dave and Ruth Green
Fred Gregory and Viola Artikova *
John and Joanne Halgren
Jack and Sue Hamilton

Paula and Larry Hampton
Howard and Bethlin Harmon *
Dutch Bros. / Ryan Hawkins
Rick and Louanne Hayes
Alice Hines
Gene and Betty Hockett *
Steven and Eloise Hockett
Tim Hoffman
Rick and Janet Hogue
Chad and Jaliene Hollabaugh
Esther Hopper
Lance Horton
Shannon Farmer Howell
Donald and Jane Huwe
Tim and Nicole Hyatt
Richard and June Isaak
Bill and Marilyn Jackson *
Jim and Pam Jackson
Karolyn Kaster
Family of Margaret E. Kees
Richard and Joanna Kellum *
Erin and Matthew Kingsley
Dr. Christopher and Shannon Kliewer
Ben and Katie Lacey
Robby Larson
Robert and Nancy Laughland
Jan and Gerry Lefebvre
Mike Lehman
Don and Clara Lemmons
Gerald and Margaret Lemmons *
Art Lorenzini
Cliff and Melody Madison
Deborah Martin
Billy and Frances McComb
Roy and Karen McConaughey *
Jennifer and Matt McConnell
Peter and Debbie McHugh *
Esther McVey
Keith and Jean Merritt *
Don Millage
Judy and Paul Miller
Loren and Carol Miller
Donald Miller
Roger and Mildred Minthorne
Darcy and Gary Mize
Bob and Marcena Monroe
Mandria and Troy Montplaisir
MaryKate and Randal Morse
Brenda and David Morton
Chuck and Nancy Mylander
Phillip Nelson
Northwest Trustee & Management
Newberg Noon Rotary Foundation

Newberg Redhots
Jack and Kay Newell *
Jon and Elaine Newkirk *
Leah and Christopher Niemi
Quentin and Florene Nordyke *
Danya and Ken Ochsner
Gerry Ochsner
Jeffrey Otis
Rachael Overall
Barbara and Art Palmer
Sheri and Scott Philips
Elizabeth Peters
Vic and Sharrie Peterson *
Jeff and Mindy Pieper
Daniel Potter
Lloyd and Marilyn (Hill) Pruitt *
Shaila Reimers
Lisa Riesterer
Florence Rocks
Valerie and Michael Rogers
Stephen and Tere Ross *
Susan and Steve Roth
Bill and Myrlene Rourke
Tony and Heidi Rourke
Bruce and Carol Rumsch
Benjamin Salisbury
Colin and Janine Saxton
Shari and Dwayne Scales
Brooke Schanzenbach
Gloria and Paul Schwindt
Kerri and Gordon Scott
Dennis and Linda Seymour
Elaine and Andy Smith
Steve Sterhan
Brent and Amy Strandy
Curtis and Rachel Strauss
Tristan and Scott Symons
Stephen and Gail Tatone
Craig and Kathy Taylor
Natalie Thompson
Hubert and Vivian Thornburg
Kent and Jeanie Thornburg
Caleb Thurston
Vickie and Craig Timmons
Ken and Rachel VandenHoek
Raymond and Ellen Warner *
Timothy and Pam Weaver
Richard and Charlene Weber
Timothy and Janice Wenrich
Rob and Melinda Westervelt
Cynthia and Gregg Weston
Edna Williams
Norman and Margaret Winters *
Wade and Jere Witherspoon
Dave and Judy Woolsey

* GFU Football Alumni

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Bruin Backer Club Members

Dr. Byron Debban *
Dave and Patricia Gault *

Dutch Bros. / Ryan Hawkins
Art Lorenzini
Judy and Paul Miller

Keith and Jean Merritt *
Rob and Melinda Westervelt

Legacy Lockers

Jerry and Carol Crow
Keith and Jan Galitz
Lawrence Gibson *
Fred Gregory and Viola Artikova *

Bill and Marilyn Jackson *
Richard and Joanna Kellum *
Art Lorenzini
Keith and Jean Merritt *
Donald Miller

Jack and Kay Newell *
Jon and Elaine Newkirk *
Vic and Sharrie Peterson *
Lloyd and Marilyn (Hill) Pruitt *
Rob and Melinda Westervelt

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