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October 14, 2013

topCatching Up With Casey: 'Learning From Failure'

In this installment of "Catching up with Casey," coach discusses the fact that failure is nothing to be ashamed about. On the contrary, it's something we can learn from ...

"The average person is said to fail seven times a day on average. A failure could be something as simple as getting stuck in traffic, or losing a sale. In athletics, students experience failure at a much higher rate. In baseball, for example, if you fail to hit the ball seven times out of 10, that's actually considered a really good batting average.

Football is similar in this way. There is the possibility of you fumbling the ball, dropping a pass or missing a tackle each day at practice. I believe that when you have daily failures, you learn how to handle failure better. If our kids aren't handling failure better than the average person, then we have failed our kids. The more opportunities our students have to fail, the better they will be at handling failure and the more likely they will be able to persevere and be successful."

Construction Update: Press Boxes Should Arrive on the Site This Week

Here is the latest on construction of the Duke Athletic Center and Stoffer Family Stadium: Roofing of the lower roof on the Duke Athletic Center continues. Crews stocked the upper roof Friday morning, and interior framing continues along with the exterior framing just finishing up. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing wall rough-in is ongoing. Locker sizing has been changed and finalized so that locker bases can now be poured on Tuesday.

The stadium bleachers are getting closer to completion with the roof now in place (above). The press boxes should be here this week.

Leading by Example: 'Be the Match'

One of the things I appreciate about coach Casey and his staff is their commitment to seeing their players exemplify good citizenship off the football field. We often hear in the media about another athlete getting in trouble, or "busted" for something, as we often say.

Some of our football players turning out for "Be the Match."

Recently, we hosted an event on campus, "Be the Match," in which we encouraged the university community to register as potential bone marrow and stem cell donors for those with cancer. I was pleased to learn that many of our football players turned out for this event. This is just another example of what coach means when he stresses to his players to lead by example. I commend him for his efforts.

I hope accounts like this give you a deeper appreciation for what we're trying to build here at George Fox. Yes, we want to be competitive on the field. But equally important is our emphasis on developing good citizens, leaders and men of integrity. I encourage you, if you haven't already, to consider giving to our football program and the Stoffer Family Stadium project. I also want to express my thanks to those who have. You are making a great investment!

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