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October 7, 2013

The Big Reveal: Players React to Unveiling of Helmet

Talk about an exciting practice Friday! Check out the reaction of the players when we revealed the latest iteration of our helmet, compliments of Hydro Graphics Incorporated (HGI) right here in Newberg ...

Is that cool, or what?

Catching up with Casey: 'How Football Prepares Us for Life'

In our fourth installment of our series "Catching up with Casey," coach talks about how the lessons learned on - and in some cases, off -- the football field translate to real life. And, in the example he puts forth, how football can actually teach players lessons about fatherhood. Read on ...

Learning Life Lessons 

Many of life's lessons on our team occur when we aren't even on the field. Recently, I had an early-morning meeting with a player who felt he couldn't do the early-morning workouts because he was studying until midnight each night. Here is how our exchange unfolded: 

"Are you planning to get married some day?" I asked him.

"Yes," he responded.  

"Are you planning to have children one day," I inquired.

"Yes," the player said.

"Then this is perfect preparation for you. Because some day, you will have children who will get sick and wake you up in the middle of the night, and you will need to be there for them - and still have to go to work the next day. If you are able to study until midnight and work out in the morning, you are going to be ready for those times as a father."  

Next week Chris will discuss "Learning from Failure."

Construction Update: Concrete is Poured, Bleachers Near Completion

Here is the latest on construction of the  Duke Athletic Center and Stoffer Family Stadium: Progress continues on both the athletic center and the bleachers. Crews poured the slab in the weight room and main entry last Thursday. This completed the concrete slab pours in the building except the shower room and raised locker pedestals.

As seen in this photo taken this morning, work on the bleachers is progressing quickly!

The exterior framing is almost complete and workers will start framing interior walls on Wednesday. Roofing at the low roof started today and will run for two to two and a half weeks.

The stadium bleachers are moving along and should be complete in less than two weeks.

Learn more about us through the George Fox University Vimeo channel.