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September 23, 2013

topCatching up with Casey: 'Little Things Add Up to Big Things'

In the second installment of our series "Catching up with Casey," coach talks about the importance of attitude and the fact that "little things add up to big things." It's a philosophy he applies not only to the teams he coaches but to his life in general.

Video: Watch as Coach Chris Casey talks about the excitement and enthusiasm football will bring to the George Fox campus.

The fundamentals are the little things you do every day that lead to the big successes in life. The key to practicing the fundamentals is having the right attitude. I like to quote my mentor, friend and legendary coach, Ad Rutschman, who said that when it comes to the fundamentals, "You've got to be sharp, focused and thinking." I take this thinking a step further: "You've got to be razor sharp, laser focused and have specific thinking."

When it comes to fundamentals, that "specific thinking" refers to an attitude of "opportunity" versus "obligation" - the difference between "I get to" versus "I have to." I recently had the opportunity to share at Newberg Christian Church on the topic of attitude and how attitude is often the difference between success and failure. In the case of my players, if they decide that they "get to go to class" and believe they "will learn something that day," they are more than likely to learn something new. If they think, "I have to go to class" and "I'm supposed to learn something, but I don't feel like it," odds are, they won't learn anything.

Two weeks after I spoke, a 62-year-old man wrote me a long letter telling me of the impact that distinction immediately made in his life. The man said he was feeling sorry for himself because he was getting older and using that as an excuse not to do some things. After hearing the presentation, the man said he changed his attitude, which led to action. He helped his son build a fence, he offered to help others, and the list went on. This man hadn't gotten stronger or younger; all he did was change his attitude. That is exactly what I teach my players every day. Little things add up to big things. Get the right attitude and you will have success in life.

Next week Chris will discuss "The Importance of Teamwork."

Construction Update: Work on Grandstands Has Begun

nullHere is the latest on construction of the Duke Athletic Center and Stoffer Family Stadium: Shower and locker room concrete floors were poured in the Duke Athletic Center last week, and the installation of structural steel - the steel "skeleton" of the building - was completed on Saturday. This will allow for the pouring of concrete on the mezzanine deck this Thursday.

Construction of the grandstands has begun! Here is a glimpse of what they look like as of this morning.

Sturdi Steel received several truckloads of steel for the stadium Friday, and the crew began erecting the grandstands last weekend.

Finally, the grinding and overlay of the asphalt on Fulton Street was completed last Thursday. The asphalt overlay on Fulton was required by the city to make Fulton Street smooth again where they trenched across it for sewer and electrical work. Steel stud exterior framing (the structural part of all the exterior walls that aren't brick), started today and will go for several weeks.

Learn more about us through the George Fox University Vimeo channel.