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September 30, 2013

Catching up with Casey: 'Teamwork is the Key to Excellence'

In this third installment of our series "Catching up with Casey," coach talks about the importance of teamwork and the fact that the team sports setting is the ideal place to learn about team building and camaraderie - whether that happens on a football field or in a company's board room.

Teamwork is the key to excellence

Life lessons are best learned in a team setting. Just as the best place to learn science is in the science lab and the best place to learn math is in a math lab, the best place to learn team building is in a team setting, like football. There you will learn just about every life lesson you will encounter after graduation.

One of the first faculty meetings I had was with the dean of the College of Business, Dirk Barram. In that meeting, Dirk shared with me a statistic: 90 percent of those who were fired within the first year of their jobs were fired because they couldn't assimilate into the culture of the company. This is one of the reasons why camaraderie and teamwork is the third building block I emphasize.

Video: One of the team-building competitions coach Casey implements during his "tempo" practices.

In addition to "teaching" practices, I also incorporate "tempo" practices. The tempo practices are fast like a game. And on Saturdays, they incorporate team competitions, like speed ball, capture the cone, etc. Each player is put into a squad. And each squad comes up with its own team name. Scores are kept during competitions, and the players prepare all week for the competitions. This not only gets them acclimated to being on a team, it helps them prepare as a team for Saturday competition, which is similar to preparing for game day.  

Next week Chris will discuss "How football prepares us for life."

Construction Update: Work Progresses Despite the Rain

Here is the latest on construction of the Duke Athletic Center and Stoffer Family Stadium: Last Friday, work began on pouring the mezzanine despite the best efforts of the rain to ruin that plan. Metal stud framing has started on the exterior of the Duke building. Roofing will start on Oct. 7. The upper roof decking was scheduled for completion by today (Monday).

The stadium steel frame is in place and the crew is getting ready to start installing the benches. They should be complete on Oct. 18.

As you can see in this photo, taken this morning, the bleachers are taking shape.

Learn more about us through the George Fox University Vimeo channel.