Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson serves as director of the Congregational Discernment Project and as professor of biblical and Quaker studies at George Fox University. Author of over 160 published articles and essays, his books include The Christology of the Fourth Gospel: Its Unity and Disunity in the Light of John 6 (1996); The Fourth Gospel and the Quest for Jesus: Modern Foundations Reconsidered (2006); John, Jesus, and History: Vol. 1, Critical Appraisals of Critical Views (2007, co-editor), and Truth’s Bright Embrace (1996, co-editor).  He serves as co-chair of the John, Jesus, and History Group (SBL), has served as editor of the Evangelical Friend, and currently edits Quaker Religious Thought.  Paul’s response to the Vatican, “On Petrine Ministry and Christocracy: A Response to Ut Unum Sint,” was published in One in Christ in January, 2005 (