Workshops: Authors and Experts

Discernment Workshop I - Monday, June 1, 2-3:15 p.m.

1.    The Movement of Spiritual Discernment Into Mainline Churches — Chuck Olsen and Danny Morris
2.    Cultivating a Heart that Listens — Suzanne Farnham
3.    Facilitating Discernment for Novices and Experts — Arthur Larrabee
4.    Vocational Discernment: Finding our Fit in God’s World — Teresa Blythe
5.    Circles of Trust: Creating Soul Safe Spaces for Personal and Communal Discernment — John Fenner
6.    A Listening Life: practicing the Presence of God with Youth — Josh Reid
7.    Steps in Listening to God Together — Jan Wood and Lon Fendall
8.    Soaring in the Spirit; Living a Theology of Discernment — Chuck Conniry

Discernment Workshop II- Tuesday, June 2, 2-3:15 p.m.

9.      The Sacred Compass: A Path to Spiritual Discernment — Brent Bill
10.    Spiritual Discernment: A Way of Life for Leaders and Teams — Stephen Macchia
11.    Consultation, Discernment, and Institutional Development — Dealous Cox
12.    Voting Not to Vote: The Story of the WCC’s Path to Discernment — Peter Bouteneff and Paul Anderson
13.    Crafting a Theology of Discernment — Fred Schmidt
14.    Visual Arts and Discernment — Val Isenhower and Judith Todd
15.    Right Relationship: Building a Spiritual Economy —Thomas Swain
16.    Every Church A Peace Church and Communal Discernment — Matthew Johnson 

Discernment Workshop III - Tuesday, June 2, 3:45-5:15 p.m.

17.    “In the Moment”—Attention and Discernment in Worship — Kelly Ballard
18.    Quaker and Ignatian Approaches to Discernment — Alan Kolp
19.    Contemplative Dialogue in Service of Communal Discernment — Sherryl White
20.    Cultivating the Art of Spiritual Discernment in the People of God through Prayer Retreat Ministry
         — Denise Easter and Dianna Kunce
21.    Discernment and Church Discipline — Jim and Sharon Van Yperen
22.    Guidelines for Communal Discernment — Victoria Curtiss
23.    Doing Discernment With the Ancestors: Discernment Techniques in the Church Catholic
         — Mark Ellingsen
24.    Developing a Culture of Listening — Chuck Orwiler

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