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New Initiatives for the Project

The George Fox University Congregational Discernment Project announces two major new initiatives for 2009. The first involves a national pastoral leadership conference to be held on the campus of George Fox University; the second involves a new grant program designed to create pastoral discernment leadership discussions at 15 sites around the nation.
  • SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT AS CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP. This conference (May 31-June 3, 2009) will feature leading Christian authorities addressing the issue of how Christ leads the church effectively in unity. Multiple workshops and panel discussions will feature leading pastors, teachers and authors, creating a state-of-the art discussion of key elements of congregational discernment and how to lead the church in unity around a common sense of Christ's leading.
  • DISCERNMENT LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE PROGRAM. This new grant program has made five awards in each of three categories: pastors, teachers and denominational/organizational leaders, featuring the contributions of each awardee at the above conference and within a final Congregational Discernment Consultation on the Oregon Coast. Each awardee has received a $1,000 grant for organizing a Local Pastors' Discernment Leadership Initiative Group at fifteen sites around the nation.
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