Local Resource Committee

As a means of assisting the director and providing input to the Consultation, a Local Resource Committee was appointed in March 2005. Persons agreeing to serve on the LRC include:

Chuck Conniry is dean of George Fox Evangelical Seminary and author of Soaring in the Spirit (2007). To download his QRT essay on individual and corporate aspects of discernment click here.

Bruce Bishop is the communications director of Northwest Yearly Meeting. Co-author of Practicing Discernment Togetherâ??Finding Godâ??s Way Forward in Decision Making (2007). To read his QRT essay on the clearness committee as an aid to group discernment click here.

Dealous Cox is a leading theoretical practitioner with regards to Quaker decision-making and a leading educator in the state of Oregon.

This group meets periodically and provides first-rate assistance to the director in several ways.