The Congregational Discernment Project

This Project is designed to help Christian congregations find ways to come to unity around a common sense of Christ's leading—regardless of church polity and organizational structure.

The George Fox University Congregational Discernment Project began with three original phases (2004-2007), and it has added two more (2008-2009). Beginning with a national pastoral leadership conference in Colorado Springs, “Discerning the Leadership of Christ,” the second phase of the project gathered an interdenominational Consultation that explored how decision-making processes within differing church traditions can be rooted in collective spiritual discernment, leading to consensus rather than division. The third phase involves publishing out of our deliberations and gathering other material that will be of use to others. Some of this is posted on the More Information page, and two book-length projects are also in process.

The fourth and fifth phases of the project involve the “Spiritual Discernment As Christian Leadership Conference” (at George Fox University May 31-June 3, 2009) and the Discernment Leadership Initiative Program outlined above. As resources continue to emerge out of these two phases they will also be made available on the More Information page and in printed form, as well.

The George Fox University Congregational Discernment Project is directed by Paul N. Anderson, professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies at George Fox University (Newberg, OR 97132; Phone: 503-554-2651; Email: