Karen Bezanson

Karen Bezanson, PhD

Associate Professor of Education

Graduate Teaching and Leading Department



The university’s Master of Arts in Teaching program hired Karen Hamlin as an associate professor of education in 2014. She worked the previous 23 years as a professor of education at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, where she designed and taught in that school’s MAT program. Also, for 15 years, Hamlin codirected or directed a local site of the National Writing Project, a national initiative that supports and focuses teacher knowledge, expertise and leadership on sustained efforts to improve writing for all students.

Prior to her career at Willamette, Hamlin taught for 14 years in the Greater Albany Public School District in Albany, Oregon. She holds a PhD in educational foundations from Oregon State University (1991), an MEd from Oregon State University (1982) and a bachelor’s degree in English from Willamette University (1975).