Online Doctor of Education Classes at George Fox University. Student.

A Curriculum Designed for the Educational Leader

Doctor of Education students develop a strong, professional-focused foundation through core curriculum themes: ethics, historical, philosophical and social foundations, teaching and learning, leading and managing, and research.

Within each area students are allowed to choose electives that enhance their own areas of professional development, although some areas have required courses that are essential to the doctorate. Issues of cultural diversity are woven into courses within each perspective area.

Ethical Perspectives (9 hours)

Students must take the following:

EDFL 672 Ethics and Diversity 3
EDFL 673 Ethics and Justice in Education 3
EDFL 675 Faith and Learning (various topics, taken at student's discretion; total of 3 hrs. required) 1

Foundational Perspectives (6 hours)

Students must select six hours from the following core options:

EDFL 680 Philosophical Perspectives on Education
EDFL 685 Selected Topics in Foundational Perspectives
EDFL 686 Political and Social Perspectives on Education 3
EDFL 687 Critical Issues in Higher Education 3
EDFL 690 International Perspectives on Education 3
EDFL 692 Historical Perspectives on American Education
EDFL 694 History of American Higher Education

Teaching and Learning Perspectives (6 hours)

EDFL 506 Research in Effective Teaching (required) 3

Students must select three hours from the following core options:

EDFL 505 Trends and Issues in Education 3
EDFL 508 Learning and Cognition 3
EDFL 515 Selected Topics in Curriculum and Instruction
EDFL 624 Developing Curriculum with New Technologies 2
EDFL 630 Advanced Developmental Psychology 2
EDFL 631 Social Justice Perspectives on Disabilities 3
EDFL 632 Differentiated Instruction, Social Justice, and Global Perspectives 1
EDFL 634 Adult Development in Educational Organizations 3

Leading and Managing Perspectives (6 hours)

EDFL 641 Personal Leadership Assessment (required) 3

Students must select three hours from the following courses:

EDFL 626 Implementing Technology in Educational Organizations 2
EDFL 642 Student Life: Issues, Policy, and Planning 2
EDFL 643 Enrollment Issues: Marketing and Retention 2
EDFL 644 Advancing the Organization: Fund Raising 2
EDFL 651 Strategic Planning 2
EDFL 653 Organizational Change and Decision Making 3
EDFL 655 Selected Topics in Leading and Managing 3
EDFL 656 Organizational Behavior in Education 3

Research Perspectives (12 hours)

Students must take the following:

EDFL 700 Intro to Qualitative and Quantitative Research 3
EDFL 701 Educational Statistics 3
EDFL 702 Advanced Qualitative Research Methods 3
EDFL 703 ED Bibliographic Research and Writing

General Electives (16 hours)

Students are required to complete 16 elective hours. These hours may be fulfilled through the following options:

  • Additional perspective area courses
  • Endorsement courses
  • Licensure courses
  • Approved transfer credits

Please refer to endorsement handbooks and the GFU course schedule for a list of the most current course offerings that are possible for general elective hours in the EdD.

Dissertation (8 hours)

Upon completion of all CORE requirements and a minimum of 10 of the 16 required general elective hours, students take the following:

EDFL 720, 721, 722, & 723 2 each
EDFL 725  2**
** Doctoral students may take a maximum of 4 hours of doctoral dissertation research hours in any semester. EDFL 725 is for students who do not finish their dissertation research within the minimum 8 hours, and is repeated until the dissertation is finished. Students who make satisfactory progress each semester on their dissertation will receive a Pass grade until the dissertation is completed.