Licensure and Endorsements

Doctor of Education program at George Fox University

Using the 16 elective hours built into the doctoral framework, students may choose to use their elective credits to complete an administrative license or earn an endorsement.

Oregon Initial Administrator License (IAL)

The Initial Administrator License, or IAL, prepares competent and ethical leaders to meet the personnel needs of schools in Oregon through partnerships with public and private schools.

Oregon Continuing Administrator License (CAL)

The CAL Program emphasizes the TSPC standards for demonstrating district-level competency in content knowledge, skills and dispositions while matching experienced practitioner-mentors with administrator candidates.

Reading Endorsement

The reading endorsement program prepares classroom teachers for specialized work in diagnosing reading difficulties and improving reading instruction in their own classroom, or as a reading specialist in a school at either the early childhood/elementary or at middle level/high school levels.

Special Education Endorsement

English for Speakers of Other Languages Endorsement (ESOL)

The ESOL endorsement program prepares teachers to provide classroom instruction to elementary or secondary students that are non-native English speakers.

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