Student Testimonials

Michelle Hughes

Professor of the Year

Michelle Hughes, a George Fox doctor of education student, is honored as one of Westmont College's top educators.

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Eric Beasley, Administrative License Eric Beasley, Administrative License
Principal, Linus Pauling Middle School, Corvallis School District

"The critical thinking emphasis at George Fox in a collaborative, supportive learning environment equipped me with a solid foundation to begin my work as a new principal. I experienced professors that were rigorous, engaging and innovative, but above all, they were passionate about my individual development as a leader.  Thank you George Fox!"

Giselle Rincon, Alternative Pathways Giselle Rincon, Alternative Pathways
Second-Grade Teacher, Aloha Huber Park Elementary School, Beaverton, Ore.

"I am thankful to have the opportunity to nurture my life and expand my knowledge through the relationships made during my experience at George Fox. The staff and courses helped maintain and corroborate my passion to the educational field. The EDFL program gave me the tools to improve my professional skills to the next level. I highly recommend any EDFL program."

Paul Tucker, Administrative License Paul Tucker, Administrative License
Dean of Students/Athletic Director, Taft High School, Lincoln County School District

"[George Fox has] committed and qualified professionals in every department, from financial aid to customer service to the classroom. First rate in every way. Earning my administrative license at George Fox University was the best career-related decision of my adult life."

Christy Shaver, Reading Endorsement Christy Shaver, Reading Endorsement
Literacy Specialist/Title I Coordinator, Tualatin Elementary School

"I appreciated that George Fox took into consideration all that I already knew as an experienced educator and helped design a program that fit me and my needs at this stage in my career."

Todd P. Bloomquist, EdD Todd P. Bloomquist, EdD
Director of Human Resources, Medford School District

"As a doctoral student at George Fox University, I was challenged in both an academic and a personal sense. The EDFL program was rigorous and fostered a deep level of learning for me. Doctoral work is clearly focused on theoretical and philosophical content; however, I was pleased at how quickly I was able to apply my learning in my professional capacity as a public school administrator.

"Personally, George Fox's faith-based approach to learning provided excellent opportunities to extend education theory to my personal faith journey. A doctoral program requires nothing less than excellence from its students, and George Fox's program was nothing less than that – excellent. The EDFL program combined high standards and performance expectations with positive support structures to help me be successful. During the many times when I was unsure if I was able to succeed in the program, the George Fox staff never once doubted my abilities and encouraged me all the way to the finish line. At the end of the day, one has to ask whether such a program is worth the investment. To me, there is no question that the answer to that question is a resounding yes."