George Fox University is committed to providing a Christ-centered community that fosters a safe living, learning, and work setting for students, employees, and visitors. A core value of this institution is to maintain a respectful environment for all individuals that is free of the following:

  • Harassment & Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault
  • Bias-related incidents
  • Hate crimes
These behaviors and actions are contrary to the mission, values and Lifestyle Standards of our community, and are violations of federal and/or state law. It is our firm belief that engaging in any aspect of this behavior is inappropriate for members of the George Fox community.

These policies are for graduate/DPS students in any program, at all campuses and sites of George Fox University. Undergraduate students should see the Student Handbook for comparable applicable policies. Additionally, while many aspects are pertinent for faculty, staff and administrators, employees should see appropriate sections in the employee handbook. The following outlines addressing the aforementioned policies, reporting mechanisms, venues for help and support, complaint procedures, and other important aspects of prevention and response.

Campus Awareness and Education

Awareness and educational efforts are important aspects towards preventing and responding to incidents that may arise. These include the following:

  • Graduate/DPS orientation session designed to educate and prevent the outlined behaviors.
  • Yearly reminders of the policy for current students and employees.
  • Residence Life offers self-defense workshops on an annual basis on the Newberg Campus in September and October.
  • Campus safety precautions are reviewed yearly and appropriate upgrades are implemented.
  • Flyers and other educational documents are posted yearly in prominent locations at each campus.

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