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The William Penn Honors Program attracts students from all different majors who participate in all types of campus activities such as athletics, music, theater, student government, etc. The rigor of the honors program and style of learning also prepares students well for internships, research and travel abroad opportunities. Below is just a sample of what our students are doing, or have done.

Spring 2017

Joshua Cayetano (Junior; History/Political Science), Whitné Moussan (Junior; International Studies) and Emily-Lynn Warren (Junior; Philosophy/Political Science) – Studying abroad in Amman, Jordan with the Middle East Studies Program through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.  Joshua and Whitné are recipients of the U.S. Department of State's Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Megan Kussat (Junior; Accounting/Global Business) – Studying abroad with Veritas Christian Study Abroad in San José, Costa Rica

Nick Ekern (Junior; Global Business/Marketing) – Studying abroad with Veritas Christian Study Abroad at the Roehampton University in London, England and simultaneously doing an internship with the London Financial Times

Fall 2016

Abby Baker (Junior; History), Abby Druffel (Junior; Psychology), Murray Noble (Junior; Organizational Communication) and Kyler Schubkegel (Sophomore; English/Philosophy) – Interns for the William Penn Honors Program 

Emma Bloomquist (Junior; Biology) and Anna Dirkse (Sophomore, Biblical Studies/English) – Leaders of Quaere Verum

Gary Buckley (Sophomore; Economics) – James Project Intern with the GFU Spiritual and Intercultural Life for the 2016/2017 academic year

Josh Cayetano (Junior; History/Political Science) and Whitné Moussan (Junior; International Studies) – Volunteers with the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization

Hannah Dierdorff (Sophomore; English) and Rachel Marcelia (Sophomore; English) – GFU Odyssey platform editors; Daniel Cho (Sophomore; English) and Gary Buckley (Sophomore; Economics) – GFU Odyssey Club leadership team

Abby Druffel (Junior; Psychology) – Internship with the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility/Low ACRS Program

Annelie Haberman (Junior; English/Spanish) – Studying abroad with Veritas Christian Study Abroad at the Universidad de Salamanca Cursos Internacionales in Cusco, Perú

Danielle Howard (Sophomore; Music Pre-teaching and Performance) – Orchestra Council President and Librarian

Brittany Hurlbut (Junior; Organizational Communication) and Murray Noble (Junior; Organizational Communication) – Interns for the Admissions Office

Jamie Kitchen (Sophomore; Social Work) – Embrace Intern with the GFU Spiritual and Intercultural Life for the 2016/2017 academic year

Rachel Nguyen (Sophomore; Biochemistry) – Mosaic Scholars Intern with the Department of Spiritual and Intercultural Life for the 2016/17 academic year

Maggie Plater (Junior; Entrepreneurship/Marketing) – Studying abroad with Veritas Christian Study Abroad at American University of Rome in Rome, Italy

Emily-Lynn Warren (Junior; Philosophy/Political Science) – Co-President for the GFU chapter of Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) and recipient of the 2016 Richard and Helen DeVos Freedom Center Leadership Award

Summer 2016

Josh Cayatano (Junior; Politics/History) – Richter Scholar - Reconciling Democratic Constitutionalism and Occupation Ethics – faculty mentor: Dr. Mark Hall and Dr. Ron Mock

Maggie Plater (Junior; Marketing) – Boeing Business Internship, 12 weeks – Maggie will assist with Supply Chain Management, Finance, and Business Operations

Elizah Stephens (Junior; Biology) – Richter Scholar - Does Feeding from Artificial Feeders Increase Hummingbird Energy Expenditure? – faculty mentor: Dr. Donald Powers

Heather Towns (Junior; Biochemistry) – Murdock Scholarship Recipient - Using Click Chemistry to Synthesize ω- terminal perylenebisimde compounds for luminescent solar concentrators – faculty mentor: Dr. R. Carlisle Chambers

Johnny Walker (Junior; Philosophy/Biblical Studies) – Richter Scholar - Reading Scripture with Saint Augustine – faculty mentor: Dr. Joseph Clair

Aliya Whitehill (Junior; Chemistry) – Richter Scholar - P14 specificity for shared structures of miRNA and siRNA – faculty mentor: Dr. Jeff Vargason

Gary Buckley (Sophomore; Economics) – Swire Coca-Cola Human Resources Intern

Abby Druffel (Junior; Psychology) Training Coordinator Intern with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Nate Downer (Junior; Psychology) – Trail worker with the Southwest Conservation Corps in Colorado 

Nick Ekern (Junior; Global Business/Marketing) and Megan Kussat (Junior; Accounting/Global Business) – Participated in a 10-week International Business Institute program visiting major political and economic centers of Russia, the European Union, India and China

Janelle Honeycutt (Sophomore; Philosophy) – Attended Wheatstone Ministries: The Academy conference at Biola University

Chris Lamb (Junior; Engineering) – BendPoly participant, an eight-week professional skills academy to prepare students for employment in digital marketing and participant of a three week long “SpiL”grimage (International Immersion & Service Trip) to China

Rochelle Owen (Junior; Christian Ministry/Political Science) – Congressional District Office Intern for U.S. Representative Greg Walden

Emily-Lynn Warren (Junior; Philosophy/Political Science) Attended The Witherspoon Institute at Princeton University and participated in a two-week long seminar entitled First Principles: Natural Law and the Theologico-political Question

Spring 2016

Anastasia Reinhardt (Sophomore; Computer Science/English) – Scholar’s Semester in Oxford where Anastasia received de Jager prizes for exceptional academic performance in the areas of British Studies and Seminar Research

Summer 2015

Josh Cayetano (Sophomore; Political Science/History) and Emily-Lynn Warren (Sophomore; Philosophy/Political Science) participated in the Philos Leadership Institute, a four-week program that aims to educate and empower a new generation of Christian leaders to facilitate long-term change in the Middle East. Spent two weeks in New York City and two weeks in the Holy Land

Program began Fall 2014

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