Kaleo - 'Sticky Faith' - Saturday, February 26, 2011 - George Fox University, Newberg Campus - A Conference for People Who Minister to Youth

Breakout Sessions 1 & 2

Sarah Thomas Baldwin Paradox
As followers of Christ we live in the tension of a Both/And faith. We are called to live in both freedom and discipline; grace and truth; justice and mercy. In this session we will explore living in the tension of the active and contemplative minister and discipleship that is both organic and intentional. Come prepared for conversation around youth ministry that engages the paradox of postmodernity, culture and formation.
Chuck Bomar Non-Mentor Mentorship: A Definition That Cultivates Lasting Inter-generational Relationships
Relational connection to a local church is critical to our faith. Churches can provide programs, but they are not the end. After leaving youth group, those that stay relationally connected to older adults in the church are much more likely to thrive in their faith during their college age years. And 90 percent of those that stay connected to a church in these years remain connected through their adult lives. This workshop describes what's needed to cultivate these vital relationships and provides practical help in overcoming obstacles churches are facing with this.
Ben Sand Strengthening Disciples: Connecting life purpose to spirituality
Ben will address the challenges of connecting students to their strengths with the intent on helping them discern their purpose as an organizing principle of faith in Christ.
Rusty St. Cyr Students in Need of Sherpas?
"High in the Himalayan Mountains, Sherpas carry unbelievable weights over great distances, laughing as they go. Stalwart guides and porters, they scale the highest peaks, guiding others beyond all self-limitation. They are courageous, cheerful, and willing to put their life on the line. Climbing the highest mountain is their passion. It is in their blood.

Like these Sherpas, we each have our own Everest to climb. How we process the challenges life brings to us directly impacts our journey through life. Are we willing to take the high road, to become a shining example? How far will we go to love authentically and leave footprints for others to follow?

Becoming a Sherpa means striving to greet adversity with joy.
Steve & Elizabeth Sherwood Walking with young people in truth and love around issues of sexuality
Our youth ministries are filled with young people who are passionate about their love for Jesus and desire to follow Him with their lives. A significant number of those same young people are or have people close to them who are gay. How do we minister with grace and truth to these kids? Is it possible to do both? We are convinced this is a conversation the church everywhere needs to be having. We want to start a conversation, not draw battle lines.
Judy Glanz Discipling a Godly Student Living in an Ungodly Home Environment
Do you have students in your ministry whose parents do drugs; parents who are preoccupied with their own lives or who are absent? Come and hear how we encourage students and give them strategies to thrive while living in difficult environments.
Paul Anderson Reading the Bible for Personal Transformation--40 Days with the Gospel of John
People read the Bible for many reasons, but one of the most important ones is to listen for a message from the Holy Spirit—inspiring readings of the inspired the text. When that happens, reading the Bible is not simply informative; it is transformative. But how do we pursue such a venture? This workshop will explore various approaches to reading the Gospel of John, inviting the reader to become personally engaged in the process. The characters and features in the story become hooks for the reader, drawing us into imaginary dialogues with its subject: Jesus. In becoming familiar with an overview of the riddles of the Fourth Gospel, participants will be invited to engage in a forty-day exercise of reading the Bible for personal transformation. Online resources will be suggested, and handouts will guide the daily reader into a potentially life-changing adventure. This session will thus become the first of forty days with the Gospel of John.
Ron Marrs Adolescent Identity Development
Identity development is a critical component of the adolescent experience. The subject has simple dimensions to it and very complex issues as well. This workshop will provide foundational ideas for helping adolescents with this task.
Andrew Watson and GFU Worship Team Creative Worship with Students
Is there something besides the typical youth service: games, skits, watered-down teachings, etc? Perhaps youth are yearning for more. Perhaps youth want to be challenged to see the nuance and paradoxical nature of the Christian journey instead of the usual rotation of talks given in youth group every year. Is there a way to create a worship service where many variables join together to communicate aspects of the Divine in a holistic way? Can art, storytelling, participation, questioning, prayer, music, and more all be woven into a worship experience? We will touch on these questions by both participating in a brief creative service and through a panel discussion time.
Jen Morishima Healing, listening prayer, and discipling kids into wholeness
Fatherlessness. Emotional abandonment. Extended adolescence. Technologically connected, but relationally disconnected. Busy busy busy. Bigger, better, faster, more! Extreme recreation ... These are just some of the things youth wrestle with these days and keep them "stuck," and it can be quite overwhelming to try to engage it - or to even know where to start at times. But our youth have callings on their lives and don't need more entertainment or information. They want transformation and need to know there's something worth living and dying for thats bigger than themselves - most just have no idea what that is or how to get there - even if we try to tell them. So in this seminar, we'll be discussing how to connect and disciple kids into wholeness and healing found in the Father's heart through the practice of listening prayer so that they can hear from GOD (and not just about God) and be released from whatever keeps them "stuck" - to do and be what God's created and called them to do and be.
Selene Nesland A Bigger Vision of Following Christ: Connecting your Youth to the Joys and Pains of the Suffering and Marginalized
Is it teen moms? The homeless? Kids in foster homes? Orphans? Children dying of AIDS and other preventable diseases? Is it the kid who eats lunch alone? How can I get my youth group kids to care about these people? And why should I get my kids to care about these people? I am passionate about having a holistic approach to youth ministry where we allow our kids’ EXPERIENCES where they encounter those who suffer, whether it is in their school, neighborhood or in the developing world. I believe as kids encounter those who suffer and see them through the eyes of Jesus, or more importantly when we learn to see Jesus through the eyes of the suffering, then Jesus remains fresh and challenging in a youth's life- hence- never boring! I want to show you ways you can incorporate service and a global perspective as a vital part of your youth ministry.

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