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Databases with news and more:  CQ Researcher & World News Digest

CQ screenshot 

CQ Researcher quick facts:

  1. Editorial research reports
  2. Written by journalists / bio given
  3. Published By Congressional Quarterly
  4. Current Issues in U.S. news
  5. Cited references / Additional Resources
  6. Published 44 times a year
  7. Covers 1991-present

Why faculty like it:

  • Get up to speed on an issue quickly
  • Find a ready list of vetted resources
  • Extensive list of topics for students
  • Credible resource for students to use 

Why students like it:

  • Reports are short
  • Citation is given for each report
  • Offers more than one viewpoint
  • Offers a sample pro/con essay
    Professors find it credible

 World News Digest screenshot

World News Digest quick facts:

  1. Articles written from “digested news” focusing on
  2. Includes U.S. News and International News
  3. Covers Business, Economics, Trade, Sports, Arts, and Sciences
  4. Provides obituary entries
  5. Updated weekly
  6. Provides coverage from 1940 to present

Additional features:

  • Almanac
  • Encyclopedia
  • Cartoons
  • Curriculum tools
  • Country profiles
  • Editorials from U.S. & Canada
  • Historic documents
  • Obituaries
  • Photographs
  • What happened on this day?

Why faculty like it:

  • Searches sync with all silos of information
  • Special features - "This day in history"
  • Highlights major changes in an event
  • Comprehensive hyperlinking

Why students like it:

  • Citations are provided
  • Country reports
  • Research topics
  • Professors find it credible

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