BestSemester Alumni Ambassador


Kelly Uchiumi
Current Alumni Ambassador - 2012 - 2013

India Studies Program - Fall 2012
Global Business Major, Class of 2014

I love the quotation from my Religion In India textbook by Fred W. Clothey, “One does not understand oneself without the context of difference: self-understanding is enriched, perhaps even made possible, only in the context of understanding others.”

 Being able to study abroad with BestSemester’s India Studies Program is one of the highlights of my college years for sure!  India is such a colorful, hospitable, and diverse country. During my time there I was able to choose from a variety of elective courses such as Indian fashion design, social work, literature, even a culinary class that teaches about the local cuisine, traditions and festivals! Some of the best parts of the semester was my business internship at an outsourcing accounting service firm and the program’s end of the semester 2-week travel excursion across the country! 

 Studying abroad not only has grown me academically, but my entire worldview has been expanded in the way I understand culture, social justice, my future career goals, and where I fit into the grand story God is writing for the world. I absolutely loved my semester in India and believe that every student should take advantage of the opportunity to experience the journey of self and world discovery that can come from studying abroad! 

 If you ever want to learn more about the BestSemester programs, studying abroad from a student’s perspective or just want to chat about life I am here to be a resource for you! You can email me at

Amanda Winkelman
Past Alumni Ambassador - 2011 - 2012

Amanda Winkelman

Washington Journalism Center - Spring 2011
Journalism Major, Class of 2012

My experience at the Washington Journalism Center in D.C. was truly one of a kind. Not only did I get out of my comfort zone, but it gave me real work experience. I had several adventures, made tons of friends from throughout the country, and learned about my passions and calling. It is easy for me to say that studying off-campus through a BestSemester Program was one of the best experiences  of my life.

After the program, I had the opportunity to serve as an on-campus alumni ambassador. This gave me the opportunity to get students excited about studying off-campus at the various BestSemester locations, share my experiences and let people hear about the opportunities.

Among other efforts, I worked with Clint Baldwin (CGS Director), Melanie Newell (CGS Coordinator), as well as BestSemester program directors to plan an ice cream social and share the possible options of studying off-campus with first and second-year students at George Fox. I am grateful for this opportunity because I love sharing my story and promoting a worldly and challenging experience.  


Jackie Hamlin

Jackie Hamlin
Past Alumni Ambassador - 2010-2011

China Studies Program - Spring 2010
Business Administration Major, Class of 2011

I became an ambassador for one primary reason, to convince others to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity of studying abroad. After coming back from China, I realized how blessed I was to have had this experience. I would trade nothing for the friends I made from around the globe, gaining an expansive knowledge of the culture, and being able to develop spiritually in a faith based environment. It seems scary and unfathomable, but it was one of the best leaps of faith I ever took.


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