Off-Campus Program Fees

Students will pay their regular George Fox tuition and room aboard and continue to receive all of their financial aid.  Due to the high cost of some programs an additional fee is charged. Programs typically provide room and board for the semester, however programs do differ in how they provide room and board.  Please check with each program to determine exactly what is provided.  Additional costs may be applicable including optional excursions, visas, etc.  These fees do not include round trip airfare which are the responsibility of the student.  The fees do include medical insurance.  (These fees are based on current program costs and will most likely change for the academic year 2014-15).

International Programs Fees
Argentina 0
Australia 7500
Belize - Creation Care 3500
Brazil 600
Chile 1200
China Studies (CCCU) 5800
Costa Rica - Veritas 0
Dominican Republic -Spanish only 0
Ecuador - Quito Semestser 0
England 4500
France - Veritas 3500
France Semester - French Majors 0
Germany - AMBEX 7800
India Studies (CCCU) 4900
Italy 4900
Kenya - Daystar University 0
Latin American Studies - Costa Rica 4200
Lithuania LCC 0
Middle East Studies (CCCU) 5100
New Zealand - Creation Care 7700
Oxford Semester (CCCU) 7800
Peru 0
Romania 0
Russia, National Theatre 13000
Rwanda GoED* 0
Senegal (CIEE) 2000
South Africa 0
South Korea  1500
Spain - Spanish Majors Only 2000
Spain - Veritas 0
Thailand GoED* 0
Uganda Studies (CCCU) 1000
National Programs Fees
American Studies - Washington DC (CCCU) 4400
Contemporary Music - Nashville (CCCU) 5800
LA Film Studies (CCCU) 6300
Mission Year - Portland 1000
National Theatre Institute 13000
Washington Journalism Center 4400
* additional $1500 airfare charge will be paid to GFU  

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